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April 2023 Suggested Reading

​How a Tide of Tech Money is Transforming Charity February 9, 2023

The Economist

“Mr. White is part of a new class of philanthropists very different from those that went before. They are often young, impatient with process and detail, and keen to make a difference in a hurry. Most made their money in the software and computing industry, that has, since the turn of the century, been the world’s great engine of wealth creation.”

How Next-Gen is Shaping Philanthropy with Sharna Goldseker

The Capital Club Podcast March 16, 2022

“I think the more transparent they (organizations) can be, the more you'll be able to build relationships with next-gen donors… But I think for both ends of the spectrum, they both want information, transparency, communication, clarity about where their dollars, whether they get the advice, and they have their own ideas.”

The Millenials Who Want to Get Rid of Their Class Privilege By Anna Altman

March 2, 2020 Washington Post“

Resource Generation believes — or hopes — that young people are more willing to betray their own class privilege than previous generations. Giridharadas told me that he routinely receives letters from “younger people who find themselves plutocrats, whether by inheritance or [because] they made money, who are in many cases very tortured and confused by the position in which they stand.” What has changed is that “a lot of people are interested in making a different choice but don’t quite know how.”

The Future of Family Philanthropy Nick Tedesco, Michael Moody

Stanford Social Innovation Review September 12, 2022“

More and more philanthropic families are also beginning to embrace a dialogue around their power and privilege—a dialogue fueled as well by the amplified critiques of the field that no one can (or should) now ignore. Donors are asking crucial questions about their role and responsibility as wealth holders in an unequal world, and—in the same spirit of trying new things noted earlier in the essay—looking for better ways to reinvest that wealth, ways that move toward more trusted partnerships and more shared power.”

Voices of next gens Family Advisory Team, UBS Global Wealth Management

May 2021

“Given their desire to create impact, the next gens interviewed for this report are increasingly interested in blended finance mechanisms, which they view as a potential paradigm shift in the investment landscape. Blended finance can be seen as a cross-sector, mutually beneficial solution that simultaneously delivers financial returns for private investors and impact returns for public/philanthropic investors, and ultimately generates value for the beneficiaries in developing and emerging markets.”

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