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Philanthropic Sector

As we work to make philanthropy more impactful and responsive to the evolving needs and priorities of communities, we seek out articles and thinkers that can inform our practice and approaches.

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Articles and Resources

Summer 2024

AI and Philanthropy:

What are the opportunities and challenges?


Superhuman AI Newsletter

“Leverage AI to get ahead”

A highly informative newsletter covering AI insights, AI and Tech, AI and Innovation, AI Research, AI and Productivity.


The Rithm Project

“THE RITHM PROJECT aims to stoke conversation, insight, and action to rethread a sense of human connection. Against the backdrop of a loneliness epidemic and the proliferation of AI, communities are at a moment of great peril and promise. The Rithm Project hopes to enlist leaders across sectors in building a future where the next generation feels connected, whole, and fully human.”


How Might AI Impact Nonprofits and Foundations? Here's a Crash Course

Inside Philanthropy
Dawn Wolfe, November 07, 2023
“’There is a reality here that things are going to dramatically change, so let's start developing expertise, fluency and understanding and owning our responsibility,’ Forster said. ’Philanthropy has a responsibility here to shape the responsible usage of AI in the social sector. If we don’t step up and take responsibility for this, who is going to?’” 


The Nonprofits Leading the AI Revolution

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Sara Herschander, May 29, 2024
“A new generation of A.I.-focused nonprofits is taking root in U.S. classrooms, courtrooms, and cultural institutions, often in close partnership with tech companies eager to put a positive spin on the controversial technology.”


Advancing Equitable AI in the US Social Sector
Stanford Social Innovation Review

Kelly Fitzsimmons, Mar. 12, 2024

“The potential of AI in the social sector is immense. Thoughtfully designed AI applications can help close the data gap, reduce bias, and make nonprofits more effective. But to fully harness AI’s potential, we must build a robust social sector infrastructure that provides the necessary resources, prioritizes equity concerns, and invests in fundamental organizational capacities.”

Investing in AI for Good

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Ben Brockman, Skye Hersh, Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink, Florian Maganza & Micah Berman May 11, 2021

“AI holds tremendous promise to improve millions of lives around the world by proving the tools to directly combat health, communication, economic challenges. Investing in solutions that address large-scale social problems, tap into the unique comparative advantages of AI, and have clear pathways to scale is a good place to start—though they may require patient capital."

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