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Connect   With your passion.
ve with intention. 
                               Impact your world.

No matter how far along you are with your philanthropic planning and investing, you have questions:

  • Are we effectively making the change we want to see in our communities? 

  • Are we clear about what we are hoping to achieve for ourselves in the process?

  • Do we have a strategy to achieve our internal and external goals?

  • Have we aligned our purpose, mission, and selected nonprofit organizations for the greatest impact?

  • Are we giving the right amounts?

  • Do we know how to evaluate the impact of our giving?

  • Are we thinking about aligning our philanthropic capital investments with our mission?

  • How can we engage the rising generations in our family or business philanthropy?

  • How do we take our foundation to the next level?

We will work with you, your family, business, or foundation to address these questions, organize your approach, and strategically design, implement and evaluate your philanthropic plans.



How PhilanthropyConnect  Works with You

Strategic Philanthropy Consulting Services for Individuals, Families, Businesses and Foundations
We create and implement effective strategies tailored to each client's starting point, goals, and desired outcomes. 
Professional conference table

Workshops, Training & Resources
to Connect  Grant Makers and
Nonprofit Leaders to
Best Practices and Thought Leaders

  • Individually designed workshops 

  • Monthly themed articles and links

  • Webinars on emerging topics 

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